About the château Memanat

About us

We are a family, pretty ordinary to look at, but with big aspirations.


From the beginning we have always been working towards where we are now, living a life that is like a permanent holiday, life as it should be in a beautiful home, in a beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful people. ​


With a career in interior behind me and Andy with his ambitious plans for life abroad, coupled with his skilled joinery made the perfect recipe for us to leave England and set up in France. ​

Happening on la Creuse, which fulfilled all of our criteria; woodland, water, fields and the manoir as well as being a great place to raise our family, we quickly made the leap and haven't looked back.


Of course we brought the essentials along for the journey - my parents. The super force which can achieve anything, and help us in the moments of panic! ​ So we invite you to join us, prepare to adventure, escape completely and discover a different world here in Memanat. ​

There really is nowhere we would rather be! We hope you feel the same! ​

— Natalie



A perfect location for a holiday to get away from it all.