Welcome to our neck of the woods

We're just your average family, but our aspirations are as big as the forests surrounding our little slice of paradise. 

Our journey to this enchanting life reads like a dream come true - but it took us on quite the scenic route, hundreds of kilometres away from our initial destination in the Dordogne. Yet, we couldn’t be happier that it brought us here to the beautiful Creuse countryside, a genuine hidden gem untouched by commercialism and sparsely populated - perfect for hiding away from the world!

Being passionate about design, with my background in interiors, along with Andy's skilled joinery paved the way for us to turn our ambitious business plans into a reality - a treehouse haven nestled in the heart of rural France. Of course, we brought along a few essentials... like my parents, who were a lifesaver in helping with childcare for our young family. We took the leap, and we haven't looked back since.

Making fantasy a reality...

After countless battles with bureaucracy and lots of games of charades with various French authorities, we were finally able to embark on building our dream business. And build it we did! We're a hands-on team, quite literally (although we got a bit of help from a specialist for our first treehouse build) - we make and do almost everything ourselves, from digging the holes for the septic tanks to placing the ridges on the roofs, and from making the beds to cooking up the meal hampers. Our second treehouse has been a labour of love over the past three years, with Andy tirelessly working on its construction, cutting every notch by hand. As for the rest of the estate, we're gradually shaping the 50 acres to create spaces for all the animals, as well as spaces for our guests and places for growing produce for ourselves.

Being nestled in the heart of nature, we've been able to pursue another dream - our journey toward self-sufficiency. Starting small with the handcrafted log hives on the estate, courtesy of a local beekeeping expert (hoping for some honey one of these days!). We've ventured into bigger projects, like cultivating our vegetable garden and orchards, which are slowly taking shape. Our latest endeavour involves raising our own pigs and sheep, challenging the mass-produced, high-carbon footprint offerings of the supermarket.

We're not in the business of ordinary...

Of all our passions, what guides it all is providing our guests with amazing experiences. In a world overflowing with stuff, we're all about crafting unforgettable moments. We blend a touch of indulgence with adventure, offering an escape from the 'busy' - with nature as a beautiful backdrop. A place where guests can relax and feel right at home, living in the moment of that rural idyll. With interiors that are the perfect mix of rustic and luxury - upcycling, recycling, and local craftsmanship come together to create havens just made for a magical getaway!

So, there you have it! Our story, our passion, and our little slice of heaven in Memanat. We would love to have you join us on this extraordinary journey.

There's no place else we'd rather be, we hope you'll feel the same!

Natalie & Andy x